Pool Cover Specialists - Customized Automatic Safety Covers For Any Swimming Pool Shape

If you are like most swimming pool owners you may have fallen victim to the the cover-related myth that only “standard,” rectangular pools can have automatic safety covers. The fact of the matter is this is simply not true.  Pools of virtually every shape and size can be protected by an auto cover.  

To help debunk the myth, we created this free eBook to help outline all of the great benefits of adding a Pool Cover Specialist auto cover to spa & swim spas, gunite/cement pools, fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools, and more.

Inside You Will Learn...Pool_Cover_Specialists_an_Automatic_Pool_Cover_For_Every_Shape_and_Size_of_Swimming_Pool_EBook.jpg

  • How an Automatic Safety Cover Can Protect Your Unique Pool Design
  • The Many Benefits of a Pool Cover Specialist Auto Cover
  • Which Pool Materials Will Allow For an Auto Cover
  • How to Choose the Right Pool Cover For You
  • Commonly Asked Pool Cover Questions

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