The Difference In Maintenance Between Concrete and Fiberglass Pools

Beginning to plan your in-ground pool construction is such an exciting time! You get to choose the material, style, and all of the custom features to make your pool completely your own. One thing that may not be as glamorous as the design, but cannot be forgotten, is the maintenance that your pool will require. 

At first, pool maintenance seems very straight-forward. However, the type of pool you have will demand different maintenance solutions and techniques depending on the materials it is made from. These differences should be accounted for when budgeting time and finances, so understanding them is of utmost importance.

In an effort to simplify your research, we have written this e-book summarizing the comparison between different maintenance procedures in concrete and fiberglass pools.

This e-book outlines the following aspects of pool maintenance and why they are important in your purchase decision:
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  1. Overall Maintenance Importance
  2. Difference Between Concrete and Fiberglass
  3. Cleaning Products
  4. Chemicals
  5. Draining


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