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Behind Every Pool - Resources
Take a swim in our sea of swimming pool knowledge. If you surface and seek to learn more, 
we can help connect you with a local pool  builder.

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Other Free Swimming Pool Resources 

Ebook 8 Step Process to Installing a Vinyl Liner Pool Infographic

Make sure your pool is ready by the time you are wanting to swim! From cost to preparation to actual installation, learn how the pros replace a vinyl liner in this step by step infographic.

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Ebook The Manly Guide to Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Your local pool servicing company can take care of all your maintenance for you, however, if you are in need of a crash course to complete your pool maintenance on your own, then you've come to the right place. Not only does this ebook encompass a seasonal maintenance checklist, but also provides tips for each type of pool along with your very own shopping checklist.

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Ebook Myth Busters: Commonly Asked Pool Cover Questions Debunked

Unfortunatley, there is a lot of misinformation out there on swimming pool safety covers. So where can you find the truth? We've done all the leg-work, all you have to do is download. Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked pool cover questions all in one place!

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Ebook Auto Safety Covers for Your Pool

Considering an automatic safety cover? We definitely encourage this decision, and this ebook will tell you why. Educate yourself on the basics of these convenient covers including: benefits, types, maintenance, and more!

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Ebook The Difference in Maintenance Between Concrete and Fiberglass Pools

Pool maintenance is not one-size-fits-all. Each type of pool has different maintenance requirements, solutions, and techniques that you should be aware of as you travel through the pool purchasing journey. Take advantage of this free download to ensure you are budgeting your time and finances correctly.

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Ebook With Great Pools Comes Great Responsibility

It is our mission to reduce the number of accidental drownings each year, and we need your help. With the information in this ebook, we believe pool owners can be more proactive with their safety approach. Together, we can spread the knowledge and lead by example in following a strict set of safety guidelines.

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Ebook Pets & Pools: Making Your Swimming Pool A Pet Friendly Environment

For those of you with furry family members, it will benefit you to consider swimming pool products that can handle and protect your precious pet. Take a look inside for special safety tips, add-on features, and fun games that will make sure this pool season does not disappoint for you or your animals.

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Ebook How To Build A Custom Polymer Pool Like A Minecraft Master

The possibilities when building a polymer wall swimming pool are truly endless. Take this chance to familiarize yourself with the many benefits of polymer pools, customization options, maintenance requirements and how exactly you can become a master builder of your own polymer wall pool!

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Ebook Fiberglass vs Concrete: Which Swimming Pool is Best for Texas

If you are in the market for a pool and you live in Texas, then this free ebook is for you! It will provide everything you need to know on the differences between fiberglass and concrete pools as well as special soil and climate considerations that should be taken into account.

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Ebook Installing A Pool During A New Home Build

You've invested so much time pouring over the plans for your new home, but don't forget about the outdoor area. It is just as important and is often the backdrop for any entertaining you may do in the future. If you are considering a swimming pool at your new house, this resource outlines the advantages of combining these two construction projects.

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Ebook Making Your Pool Auto Cover Ready

Even if you are not ready to purchase an automatic pool cover right now, there are steps you can take to ensure one can be easily installed at a later date. Preparing for this installation ahead of time will save you time and money when the time comes to add your auto cover.

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Ebook 6 Weeks To Planning The Perfect Pool Party

One of the biggest perks of your backyard swimming pool is that it provides a perfect entertainment area. With a pool as the backdrop, birthdays, baby showers or even simple get-togethers are even more fun. Create your next poolside bash with these great ideas for party themes, recipes, and more!

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Ebook Pool Storage Ideas: Tips for Storing Unattractive Pool Equipment

As you are dreaming of your perfect backyard oasis, the unattractive items like pool maintenance equipment probably don't enter the picture. But, storage areas like pool houses or benches can be incorporated in true designer fashion to complete the look of your poolscape. Get started with a few ideas from our free ebook!

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Ebook This Old Pool: A Guide To Remodeling Your Vinyl Liner Pool

With proper maintenance, vinyl liners last years! However, the day will eventually come when your vinyl liner will need replaced. You may be dreading this day, but there is no reason to. With the help of this handy guide, you can turn your remodel into a fun way to get creative with upgrading your pool.

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Ebook Polymer vs Steel Swimming Pools

If you are just beginning your pool reasearch - many of the terms that get tossed around can be confusing. Steel pools and polymer pools both fit into the category of vinyl liner pools. For further clarification in making your decision, we suggest you take a look at this ebook to learn the main differences and characteristics of each.

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Ebook The Ultimate Crackdown: Concrete vs Fiberglass Pools

There are strong opinons on both sides - so how do you make up your mind? Here is a completely unbiased comparison of the pros and cons of fiberglass and concrete swimming pools.

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Ebook Great Moments in Swimming Pool History

Humans have always enjoyed a nice dip in a refreshing body of water. In fact, we can trace swimming back to ancient times to see just how far the swimming pool industry has come. From the first known swimming pool to all of the features available to you now - take a dive into this free ebook for a fun look at the history as well as the future of swimming pools.

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Ebook History of Fiberglass

Aviation, automotive, and swimming pools - each of these industries use fiberglass as their material of choice due to its unparalleled durability and strength. If you are thinking about building a fiberglass swimming pool, this ebook is a great way to learn exactly what Fiberglass is and the many advancements in fiberglass technology that make it one of the best options for your backyard pool!

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Ebook History of the Swimsuit

We all know that finding the perfect swimsuit is often a troublesome task. Just like other fashion items, trends for men's and women's swimsuit have evolved over the years. From conservative to flashy, this ebook will take you through the fascinating timeline of how to hit the beach in style.

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Ebook Customized Automatic Covers For Any Pool Shape

Are you struggling with design decisions for your pool because of the limitations of an automatic safety cover? Well, we are here to tell you that you can have your custom pool shape and your auto cover too! Download this helpful resource to view all of the great benefits of an automatic pool cover an how it can protect your unique pool design.

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Ebook Swimming Pool Workout Program: 6 Weeks To A Healthier You

Your pool serves many purposes that you may not have used to their full potential yet. One of those is improving or accomplishing those health and fitness goals you have every year. You may not know where to begin, so we are here to help with this guide to the types of workouts you can do in your pool along with a full 6-week plan!

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Ebook Pool Design on A Dime

Want to get all of the grandeur of a luxury poolscape without spending a fortune? It is possible with these DIY ideas that will create the high-end look without the high-end budget!

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Ebook Life of A Vinyl Liner

How long should the vinyl liner in your swimming pool last? This part of your pool, like any other, has best practices for maintenance that will increase the longevity of your pool. Understanding these processes will alleviate stress and save you money in the long run.

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Ebook Why Choose A Polymer Wall Swimming Pool?

Confused about all of the different options available for your inground swimming pool? This eBook will offer an in-depth look into why polymer pools might make it to the top of your list. Learn about the construction process and all of the benefits polymer offers, including its corrosion-free properties.

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Ebook Fiberglass Swimming Pool Myths: Debunked

Fiberglass has some amazing properties that make it an excellent choice for a backyard swimming pool. Despite these benefits, there are a few common myths out there that make people hesitant about Fiberglass pools. To make sure you know the truth, we have created this e-book to clear the air on 7 of the most common myths.

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Ebook Strange But True: Swimming Pools

Everyone does it. Constantly daydreaming of the perfect oasis that could be your backyard. You many think you are letting your imagination run wild, but wait until you see these swimming pools! Take a dive into some of the most luxurious and bizarre pools from around the world.

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Ebook Fiberglass vs Concrete: A Guide to Selecting an Inground Pool for the Carolinas

Though both materials create the end result of one stunning swimming pool, it does help to understand the differences between Fiberglass and Concrete when making your final decision. Dig to the core of this comparison by examining aspects specific to North and South Carolina.

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