As a Pool Owner it is Your Responsibility to Keep Your Pool Area Safe - Here is How to Make it Happen


PCS_automatic_pool_cover_18We believe that if pool owners become more proactive regarding swimming pool safety and follow the advice in this helpful eBook, together we can bring down the number of accidental drowning deaths significantly each year. This is something we take very seriously. People need to look at safety measures and safety devices the same way they do chlorine; these things are something that every swimming pool must have in order for it to be usable.

This simple e-book is designed to cover all the bases as far as swimming pool safety. Inside you will find:

A four pronged approach to swimming pool safety...
  1. Establish a firm set of rules
  2. Secure the access to the pool area
  3. Add a pool safety cover
  4. Consider adding other safety devices

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