Fiberglass vs. Concrete - What is the Best Swimming Pool Option for Texas

It is not uncommon to hear strong opinions about both fiberglass and concrete pools.  The fact of the matter is once the comparison ends you will be left with a stunning inground swimming pool. So, what exactly is the difference between fiberglass swimming pools and concrete swimming pools, and how do you decide between the two?  Even more so, why is it so important that Texans do their research before deciding? Here is a hint... it has to do with the soil!

This e-book will help you dig to the core of this comparison. Inside we will cover...

  • Fiberglass Pool Installation Process
  • Concrete (Gunite) Pool Installation Process
  • Swimming Pool Popping
  • Factors to Consider if Living and Building a Swimming Pool in Texas
  • Checklist of Questions to Ask Your Local Pool Builder

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