Fiberglass vs. Concrete - A Guide to Selecting A

Pool For The Carolinas

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You have heard this saying before, and there is no shortage of opinions when people discuss the comparison between  fiberglass and concrete pools.  The fact of the matter is that the end result for both is a stunning inground swimming pool. However, it does help to understand exactly what the differences are between fiberglass swimming pools and concrete swimming pools when building a pool in North or South Carolina. Once your choice is made, you will be happy you did your research!

This e-book will help you dig to the core of this comparison. Inside you will learn about...

  • Installation of a Fiberglass Pool
  • Installation of a Concrete Pool
  • Swimming Pool Popping/Floating
  • Important Considerations For Building a Swimming Pool in The Carolinas
  • Checklist of Questions to Ask Your Local Pool Builder

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