Find Out What Type of Cover Pump is Best For Your Pool and Why

You've probably seen it before. That pesky puddle of water on top of your pool cover that never seems to go away. It gathers dirt and leaves and it's a hassle to remove before using your pool.

While swimming pool safety covers keep a homeowner's pool clean and safe while not in use, many pool owners may still see the cover pump as a novelty rather than a necessity. In fact, finding the right cover pump for your pool cover could mean even less maintenance and save families precious time and money.

To help you become more informed on the benefits of purchasing a cover pump in addition to your pool cover, we have written this e-book as a resource on the types of cover pumps that are available.

This e-book includes:Pool_Cover_Specialist_Automatic_Safety_Covers_Latham_Pool_Products.jpg

  1.  Types of Swimming Pool Safety Covers That Require a Pump
  2. The Different Types of Cover Pumps
  3. Swimming Pool Covers and Cover Pump Maintenance




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